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More than 50 years of experience

Founded in 1963, D’AGOSTINI ORGANIZZAZIONE works in the field of Industrial and Intellectual Property backed by many years of experience, providing assistance and consultancy in the phases of search, filing, grant and protection of Patents for Invention, Utility Models, Designs and Trademarks in Italy and abroad.

Besides the main office in Udine, D’AGOSTINI ORGANIZZAZIONE also has an office in Spain in Alicante (where the European Union Intellectual Property Office) and an office in Germany in Munich (where the European Patent Office is based). Therefore, our customers can have all the advantages that derive from direct support in the places designated by the European Community for the filing of patent applications and/or for the filing of Community Trademarks and Designs. Moreover, a widespread presence of correspondents all over the world allows to best follow the phases of international extension as well.

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Intellectual Property is our passion

The DAGOSERVICE® Language Department was created in 1990: its integration in the structure that operates within Intellectual Property allows to specialize in the translation of technical, scientific, patent, legal texts, as well as commercial, computer science, advertising and manual texts.

An important role in the company is played by the DAGOSERVICE® language department, which is specialized in technical, scientific, patent, legal, commercial, IT, advertising and manual translations.

It boasts a staff made up of mothertongue translators, selected by sector in different fields of application. Qualified staff is the first step for high-quality translations. All translations are revised by a team that checks the completeness and correctness of each translation project.

The services provided in many language combinations ensure excellent results with the support of advanced technologies, guaranteeing the fundamental principles of translation: conceptual and terminological consistency, quality and confidentiality.

Professionalism, efficiency and quality have always characterized the company’s activity, with a continuous updating aiming at improving company services.

1400 IP Titles registered in a year

Between patents, trademarks, designs and models in Italy and aboard.

More than 500 titles in surveillance

Thanks to the consultation of databases all over the world.

more than 9.000.000 of translated words a year

Of patent texts

D’AGOSTINI ORGANIZZAZIONE was the first company in Europe which, on the basis of the problems encountered in the translation of technical and scientific texts and, in particular, of patents, developed HYPERTRANS®, a multi-language translation software with a self-learning feature that guarantees indisputable conceptual accuracy and offers very precious help to translators and engineers. Besides using a general dictionary with millions of terms or expressions, HYPERTRANS® also uses HYPERMIND phraseological dictionaries, which derive from the IPC International Patent Classification, guaranteeing the correct application of correct terminology in a wide range of fields. The capability to adapt itself, but above all to self-evolve during translations, allows for a continuous terminological update, which is essential due to the continuous linguistic evolution given by progress.

We provide efficiency and quality, which are the result of a method developed over the years, and are obtained by means of the combination of technology and human support. Continuously focusing on new technologies, we can constantly and continuously evolve, thus improving our services and products.

1963 D’AGOSTINI ORGANIZZAZIONE started its activity in the field of Industrial and Intellectual Property (Patents, Models, Trademarks), soon taking a leading role on the Italian and international scene.

1987 HyperTrans® The interactive multi-language translation software with the self-learning feature, specializing in patent, technical and legal documents, was created.

1991 DAGOSERVICE, the department specialized in the translation of technical, scientific, patent, legal, commercial, IT texts, was established.

1994 The new office in Spain in Alicante, where the OHIM (Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market) for COMMUNITY TRADEMARKS AND DESIGNS is based, was opened.

2003 Online HyperTrans® Online translation service from and into Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese.

2008 The new office in Germany in Munich, where the EPO (European Patent Office) is based, was opened.

2011 The new office in Spain in Tenerife was opened.