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Qualified translators and Patent Attorneys guarantee the principles of patent translation

The activity carried out since 1963 in the field of Intellectual Property and translation services has favoured the synergy of technical-legislative skills with the most advanced principles of linguistic translation, making D’Agostini Organizzazione specialised in the translation of patent documentation, but also technical, scientific, legal, commercial, IT, advertising and manuals.

We have developed our own methodology to ensure the fundamental principles of patent translation:


We work with the following languages, in any combination:


the advantage of more than 50 years in intellectual property

Proprietary software based on IPC Patent Classification with over 30 years of sector-specific implementations.

An operational structure supported by the integration of cutting-edge technology, mother-tongue translators (in our Udine, Belluno, Trento, Munich and Alicante offices) and technicians specialised in a wide range of sectors, allows us to satisfy our clients’ work requirements with the utmost flexibility and adaptability and with constantly evolving know-how.

HYPERTRANS® is a translation software developed in-house by D’Agostini Organizzazione and designed particularly for the translation of technical-scientific documents on which its performance reaches the highest quality level.

In technical-scientific translation, the fundamental problems are conceptual transposition and sectorial terminology. HYPERTRANS® translates according to a conceptual logic and uses a second terminology dictionary derived from patent classification.

HYPERTRANS® is able to evolve by working through the interactive Autolearning Inside® system, allowing customisation in each sector with specific terminologies implemented through more than 30 years of patent translations.

This technology makes it possible to reduce the costs of translating patents and at the same time guarantee uniformity of terminology within the same technical field.

ep validation in two countries

New client promotion

For a first order for validation of a European patent in Italy and Spain received from a new client, we are pleased to include in our fees for one Country the validation in the second Country.

10000000 of words translated in a year

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