Privacy policy

In compliance with what is provided by EU Reg. no. 2016/679, we hereby provide the required information as to the purposes and modes of processing of your personal data, as well as the scope of communication and disclosure of the latter, the nature of the data in our possession and the transfer thereof.
Purposes of data processing
The data directly provided or collected by means of third parties shall be processed solely to perform the required professional services and the consequent fulfilments deriving from contractual and legal obligations (including what is provided for in Italian Legislative Decree no. 143 of 3rd May 1991 on anti-money laundering), in order to ensure an effective management of – even future – relations, as well as for information and promotional purposes.
Personal data may be communicated to third parties when necessary to perform the required professional services. The data shall be processed both on paper and on magnetic media, manually and/or by means of electronic, or, anyway, automated equipment. The data shall be processed even after the terms as set out in the agreements for the fulfilment of all legal obligations.Modes of data processingThe data shall be processed both automatically and manually by duly authorized persons; data processing includes the storage, management and optional transmission of data both on paper and on computerised media, all in compliance with the guarantees of confidentiality and security as provided for in the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and by virtue of the minimum security measures adopted. The data shall be kept and processed even after the conclusion of the existing contracts for the fulfilment of legal obligations for purposes related to any future business relations and, anyway, pursuant to the laws in force. We hereby inform you that for the performance of services, which necessarily entail the acquisition of data classified as “particular”, such data shall be processed by means of manual, computerised and electronic media suitable to guarantee the confidentiality of said data.

Scope of communication and disclosure

Said data shall be communicated:
– to the personnel of our company as persons in charge of the processing for the carrying out of the procedures related to the performance of professional services, everyone within the limits of the purposes and tasks they have been entrusted with as in the job description present at our office;
– to all those authorised to access said data by law;
– to third parties exclusively for technical and operating needs strictly related to the above-mentioned purposes, and in particular: professionals, collaborators, professional offices, companies providing specific related services, banks, national and/or regional public administrations, local authorities, social security and/or assistance institutions, other public administrations and authorities, national healthcare institutions, judicial authorities, judicial offices, associations of entrepreneurs and companies, trade union or employers’ bodies, labour joint bodies, schools, debt collection and credit insurance companies.
Said communication, if necessary, may also concern foreign countries. In fact, the data may be communicated or transmitted abroad, both within the E.U. and outside the E.U., on the basis of the regulations in force. Finally, at the discretion of D’Agostini Organizzazione S.r.l. and by reason of changes in the legal scenario, you might be contacted again to be offered new professional services or for the update of the already provided services.
However, no other form of disclosure is provided.

Nature of transfer

The transfer of data is mandatory since it is necessary for the execution of ordinary activities.
Furthermore, the controller gives notice that any non-communication or wrong communication of any of the mandatory information has the following consequences:
– the impossibility for the controller to guarantee the compliance of the processing with the contractual agreements for which it is executed;
– the possible non-compliance of the results of processing with the obligations imposed by the tax and administrative legislation or of the job to which it is aimed.
You may enforce your rights as in articles 15 to 22 of EU Reg. no. 2016/679 by contacting the data controller (or the person in charge of data processing– if appointed).

Website navigation

Data relating to natural/legal persons may be processed following the navigation on this website.
In the case in which the access to particular services is subject to registration upon communication of personal data, a specific information note may be provided upon subscription of the services, or otherwise the present information note shall be applied.
Pursuant to the applicable laws in force, D’Agostini Organizzazione S.r.l. may record the log files. Such data does not enable user identification until after a series of processing and interconnection operations, and necessarily through data provided by other providers, said operations being able to be executed exclusively at the request of the competent judicial authorities, authorized by specific provisions intended to prevent and/or combat crimes. Some temporary markers (i.e. “cookies”) may be used, which allow to access the website more rapidly. By “cookie” one means the piece of information, active for the duration of connection, which is transmitted from the website to the user’s computer in order to enable rapid identification. The user may disable cookies by changing browser settings. Please note that disabling cookies may slow down or prevent the access to all or part of the website.
By using the services on the website and/or agreeing to registration, those who browse the website guarantee that any personal data provided to D’Agostini Organizzazione S.r.l. is correct, true and up-to-date; furthermore, they also undertake to promptly update the registered data so that it is constantly up-to-date, complete and true.
The data shall be processed by means of automated tools for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which said data was collected and, in any case, in compliance with the regulations in force. Specific security measures are applied, which are intended to prevent loss of data, illicit or improper use and unauthorized access.
D’Agostini Organizzazione S.r.l. shall not be liable for any unauthorized access, nor for the loss or misplacement of personal information beyond its control, for example due to technical problems, force majeure, breach of computer systems, fortuitous circumstances. In particular, all users are warned that, due to any management software problems, intrusion by third parties, misconfigurations or any other problem related to the practical impossibility to create and manage an unbreachable computer system, undesired e-mailing, compromises or other problems may occur. In such cases the users, who will not be entitled to any reimbursement or compensation, undertake to maintain an attitude that, where relevant, aims at minimizing the undesired effects of the computer system breach. It is understood that D’Agostini Organizzazione S.r.l. shall take all necessary steps to restore the integrity of the system as soon as possible, with due diligence, and to reduce the sending of undesired e-mails or the effects of the system breach to the minimum possible.

Data controller: the company D’Agostini Organizzazione S.r.l., based at 17, Via G. Giusti 17, Udine, Italy (tel. +39 (0)432-507332 – fax +39 (0)432-519242, e-mail: in the person of Mrs Maria Luisa Narduzzi.

Person in charge of data processing: Mrs Maria Luisa NARDUZZI, who can be contacted at the above-mentioned headquarters.